Dynamic Design on Demand

Breaking the Boundaries of Connectivity Design and Supply

The Time Is Now

The current technological and market environment is rapidly evolving, creating an urgent need for change. 3D Agility can diagnose and prioritize where businesses must adapt, while helping to facilitate the deployment of solutions to drive measurable ROI impact.
What we do

AI Collaborative Design Tools

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency in obtaining the parts and prototypes you need with our AI-enabled platform. Say goodbye to wasted time and money by utilizing our state-of-the-art technology to refine your parts and prototypes faster than ever before.

Proactive design recommendations help complete jobs faster

Feasibility and modeling projections supercharge your workflow

Maximize efficiency of sales and engineering teams

OUR Advantages

Optimizing Portfolio Lifecycles

Easily and quickly prototype and produce parts to facilitate modification of equipment for increased flexibility within the engineering teams
Create essential parts on demand and as required to reduce the need to manage large inventories of MRO equipment
Minimize the operating costs by designing parts with almost no waste to help reduce downtime and minimize risk associated with MRO activities
Develop supply chain solutions for increased transparency, traceability, and accountability
Reduce production costs by avoiding high-volume production requirements and downstream effects related to storage, obsolete parts, wasted money, resources, time and effort
Find new solutions for obsolete or end of life products

Identifying End to End Opportunities

Fostering a culture of collaboration and communication to promote cross-functional teamwork and drive better outcomes across the organization landscape.


Empowering you to work faster, anticipate challenges proactively, and unlock the true potential of your most valuable resource – time!

Product Management

Facilitating more informed decisions, analyze product features and improvements, and better accommodate the needs of your customers

Supply Chain

Providing you with greater flexibility solutions to adapt your service model and enhance your offerings

Plant & Operations

Deploying options to better control your manufacturing variances, production mix and inefficiencies

Design to Delivery

With our custom connector prototyping service, you can expect a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective solution that meets your connectivity needs, while also contributing to a sustainable future.


Upload your 3d asset file, and/or work with us to prototype your part.


Our engineering team evaluates your designs for printability and practical applicability.


Provide a quote. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod


Track every step & re-order as necessary. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur

Exceeding Quality Standards

We, along with our network of partners, are certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, AS9100D, and ITAR registered. We offer CoCs, material certifications, finishing certifications, inspection reports, and hardware certifications.